Windows Phone Mobile 7 review

The Review of the new era of Microsoft’s Mobile platform , Windows Mobile7 aka WM7.

WM7 was released somewhere in 2010. I got my hands on the HTC 7 Trophy which is running on the WM7 platform as the Operating System. I took a gamble to try out a new OS as i chose it over the BlackBerry’s OS6, iPhone’s iOS, Android and Nokia’s Symbian.

I was told that WM7 contains alot of bugs and issues which diverted people’s attention away from it. Although i agree with those highlighted issues, I realized that the good side overshadowed the bad side of the WM7.

Now for the Point form review.

Windows Mobile Phone 7 :

Advantages (Pro’s) :

  • Amazing UI graphics.  Home screen simple and tidy, menus clear and detailed.
  • Responsive. 1GHz Processor was pushed to the limit, no lag issues occurred.
  • Facebook Sync. SIM contacts and Facebook contacts will appear under the People section thus making search for contacts easier.
  • Marketplace. Neat and tidy compared to Apple’s AppStore.
  • Games. High resolution games. HD graphics can beat most mobile gaming peripherals (PSP , Nintendo)
  • Calender very useful. Works as a planner for me.
  • HTC Hub (For HTC only).

Disadvantages (Con’s) :

  • No custom ringtone. One of the highlight of the WM7 is the default ring tones provided which are limited. You are not allowed to choose your own music as a ring tone. (Shall be fixed soon)
  • Slow Over The Air update. Phrase out slowly to limited users only. Lengthy.
  • No history for Short Messages (SMS) eg : Drafts.
  • Battery life. High graphics consumed battery faster.
  • Small keyboard. Although the screen is huge, the keyboard sees smaller than iOS’s.

Conclusion :

Worth trying. I loved the graphic layout and the UI is amazing. Microsoft did a good job with the WM7. Don’t worry , over the next few updates, we will see the WM7 improving soon. Looking forward to the next update.


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