According to Taylors University’s Facebook page, parking fees will commence in June 2011 which will cost RM 3 per day in certain zones ( Zone H and Basement) . Something just struck my head .

  1. The Student Council should be responsible for this. So my question to them is, will you make our carpark a better place after the fee structure? Well , I dont mind paying RM 3 per day as long as I get a good road(Tar) , a sense of security and also a parking lot without going around in circles.
  2. The fee also works as a purpose to discourage students from driving to campus hence public transport are employed to reduce to number of vehicles entering the campus.
  3. Fix the damn road!

I understand people are complaining about the fee structure as they feel that they paid a  bomb for the tuition fees already and yet they need to fork out money for a parking slot. Hello, how about Monash University? Their tuition fees cost more than Taylors and yet they still charge for parking. Same concept here, it’s because the campus has limited land areas therefore they cannot accommodate the rising amount of cars driven by students and lecturers. The only way to reduce this is to enforce the parking payment system.

However, if you charge us for parking, make sure the road is tire friendly and give us an organized parking structure. I wont pay for a parking that requires me to drive into a mud and a pavement filled with stones. Hopefully my voice is heard.


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