Enough of hiding behind the bushes. This is my side of the story.

You. I knew you were the one. Which was a couple of months ago. Great friend indeed. Shared your stories and problems with me, I was all ears, putting every effort for you to trust me.

This happened somewhere around semester 2 (end), weeks before our finals. I was always there for you. One phone call and I was there. Spending time with you, I even ditched my friends just to accompany you, all I wanted was you to trust me. I remember finishing my accounting paper earlier than usual just to leave the classroom and accompany you since you’ve finished your paper earlier. Maybe I thought that you might be alone while waiting for your friends to finish their paper respectively.

Semester break. Almost everyday, without fail, my phone rings of your messages. One day i took the guts to confess my feelings for you, I admit you took it well, told me that you weren’t ready as you are still emotionally unstable. I waited. You continued to text even though you knew about my feelings, I was happy that you didn’t choose to ignore me. Pretty much the entire semester break, you were there for me. We shared our problems to each other, shared advices, stories and many more.

This turned awkward once the semester started. I dont know what have I done to deserve this. You started ignoring me, treating as if I dont exist. Seriously? Why the two face? Were you using me just because you were bored and play with my feelings? Why the change of heart.

You broke my heart. Seriously. Well things turned worst when you started publicizing your interest in another guy, if I am not mistaken, 2? How would you think I felt? You knew, you chose to ignore. Worst of all, you are chasing a guy who is currently in a relationship? Come on, what kind of person are you? You’re not the person I used to know. What happened to the nice E that i used to know? And that guy, in a relationship told you that he likes you too? For god’s sake, you two are sick. Cheating on his girlfriend.

I thank you for the memories. Perfect heartbreaker.

    • jeffery
    • April 4th, 2011

    chill man…still got ur frens

    • yeah, friends are always there when you needed them. Thanks man 🙂

    • PaulKok
    • April 4th, 2011

    yoo sup you have me …im paul….NOT

  1. Don’t worry. You still got your sniper and lyn 😛
    This experience will make you grow 🙂

    • asdfghjkl
    • April 5th, 2011

    Yours and freak’s “love story” almost same as mine :O

    Friends FTW 😀

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