Dear Coward, I know who you are. Don’t hide your identity

Hi kid. Let me get this right into your thick skull.

Firstly, your English sucks to the core. Secondly, you don’t know me. Thirdly, you don’t even know the actual fact of the story and yet you went berserk on claiming the fact that you pointed out the facts from my story.

My advice. Stop shaming yourself. Not only you proved that you’re a kid, your mentality proved that you are not really that civilized either. Go ahead and swear all you like, your words are mere air from the dump site.

Also, its my personal life you are talking about. Were you even there at the scene yourself? I bet you weren’t even born when this happened. So why dont you fly away and save your pride. It’s my blog, i reserve the right to say whatever I want to. Not happy? Too bad. Sue me.
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