Never Say Never

Surprise! Of all movies being shown in the theater, I chose to watch Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never. Well, it was my idea to watch the movie, I wasn’t forced to either. Although I was supposed to be part of the Anti-Bieber ally, I chose to watch with an open thought, after all, it was all for fun.

The movie started off well, showing clips from his epic concert in Madison Square Garden (MSG) which apparently was labeled as the ‘Theater of Legends’ by the Americans as most musicians whom performed there with a sold out venue were AC/DC, The Rolling Stones Michael Jackson etc. Well Bieber took his shot, sold out the entire theater in the space of only 22 minutes. Stunning huh?

The movie also showed how Justin Bieber, who was born in a small town of Canada, at the age of 2, a natural musician with music beats inside his head already. This boy is really talented. Hats off to his determination and passion. One thing that amazed me was his heart. Although he already gained international stardom, his heart is gold! This boy here gave free tickets of his concert to families, orphanages and also people who deserved to be in his concert. Although he is a little childish at times ( blame the fact that he’s 16 years old) , this boy here is talented.

After the movie, I am no longer an Anti-Bieber ally. I don’t see any reason why I should hate him. Okay maybe his voice is a little annoying, but you cannot deny the fact that he is talented and also lucky . I believe Justin Bieber will be up there for a long long time, thanks to his hardcore tween fans. Psycho!

Movie Rating : 8/10

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