Hitchin’a Ride

Had the wildest car ride in this 19 years of my living life. After our Organizational Behavior class , my group and I decided to head over to Mentari’s Domino Pizza for lunch. The initial plan was to drive 2 cars there, Xiang agreed to send us there even though he already had his lunch, we found out that he drove a Mitsubishi Triton , which by the way is a 4 wheeler pick up truck/car. So we decided to cramp at least 9 people into the Triton, 5 in the front, 4 behind. Well initially sitting behind was fun, windy but the heat was unbearable. Pretty fun actually, especially when we get stares from the public.

So Xiang decided to ‘parade’ us in front of the entire Taylors. He then drove around the commercial block sounding his horn and guess what? All eyes were fixed on us, dearie me. Such attention seeking move and we had to hide our dear faces. The journey to Mentari wasn’t that long, but someone decided to parade us again, this time in the Sunway Pyramid’s bustop. Thank god there is no crowd there.Embarrassing.

Fun but dangerous, always on the look out for cops. Especially when it comes to speed bumps, one good experience. Would love to try it again, minus the sun.


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