Escape to Food Heaven

Last week my family and I headed to Penang Island, Malaysia together with an aunt for a few days of exposure to both hawker and street food paradise in the island of Penang.

We traveled by car, a total of 5 hours of road driving plus plenty of stops (toilet break and food break etc) which sums up the length journey instead of the usual 4 hours average destination time. As usual, we will always stop by the city of Ipoh, main town of Perak for breakfast, cheap and delicious all together. However, one thing i noticed about Ipoh is the parking system management. Still using the same old coupon book (for scratching) instead of the parking ticket machines which can be found here in Kuala Lumpur. But honestly, the food here is way better than those back home.

My breakfast, Chee Cheong Fun served with cool Iced White Coffee.

Meanwhile i took the opportunity to replace the battery of my watch since there is a watchshop along the road. The battery cost me RM18 which I found was a pretty good bargain because I remember asking a shop in my area, they said it will cost RM 25 for the battery. So much for profit eh?

We chose The Gurney as our hotel because it’s like our second home already, every year when we visit Penang, The Gurney will always be our main choice. Located around Gurney drive, facing the deep blue ocean of Penang, a beautiful sight especially at night. Also, the walk along Gurney, called Gurney Drive was probably the best place to enjoy the magnificent scenery , food stalls located everywhere, and cars (I saw a Lamborghini Gallardo flew past me that day).

Also, we went up to Penang hill by a tram. 700 Meters above sea level baby! Well i loved the fact that the tram move in a slow manner which was pretty safe because the mountain was very steep and the view down was horrendous! One track one, one way in and one way out. In conclusion, going down part was the best of all. Looking at the tracks as you glide down the mountain was breathtaking. Honestly, for the first time, my height phobia did not appear at all. Lucky me 🙂 Penang Hill was amazing! Never thought that it would be a mini town by itself. The air was breezy and lots of flora and fauna. Can live longer there.

One thing that stuck me is that Penangties loves BMW 5 series, especially 523i, Mercedes C200 and Porsche Cayanne. You can see either cars on every street, roads and even highway. Such a common sight that you don’t see often here in KL. One thing for sure, Penangties love fast cars. But they got bad driving ethics, I don’t mean to be critical but honestly, I am not used to their style of driving, cutting queues, change lanes without signaling, inpatient etc. I will probably go insane.

All in all, the trip to Penang was enjoyable and I had a whale of a time, something to take my mind of college. Hopefully can return again next year. Some photos to conclude my post.

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