Ducky Shining MX Red Review

Hello there,

After 11 months of using my Steelseries 6Gv2 keyboard, I have made the wrong decision. I have a pair of sensitive hands, so whenever I am on the computer for long hours, my hands will be filled with blisters and I thought it was normal initially until I realized, it was the keyboard. The 6Gv2 was using a Cherry MX Black switch which by the way, is the hardest switch among all Cherry models (Red, Blue , Brown and Black). It requires at least 60g of force before it can fully respond to the keys, was implemented to avoid accidental key presses.

Today, my Ducky Shine 9008 has arrived. Collected it from HeavyArm, SS15. Can pretty say that I am regular there already 🙂

A quick look at the packaging.

Almost the same size as the 6Gv2. Striking box.

Red Switch that last to over 50million key strokes. Yes, 50 million.

Unboxing. Comes with detachable cable connect with either PS/2 or USB.

Also bundled with additional WASD keycaps and a key puller.

Cherry Red Switch peeping out. Note the LED bulb behind the switch.

Rear end of the keyboard.

USB to PS/2 adapter.

Stage 1 shining effect.

Full Stage Shining effect.

The interesting part of this keyboard is the lighting effect, as Ducky called it, Shining effect. You can set the shine level, from no shine to stage 1 until 4. Also, the brightness level of the lighting effects can be adjusted from low to high which makes it interesting. Playing in the dark would be a breeze now without hitting the wrong keys which I always do while playing games in the dark.


The Ducky Shine 9008 has a very expensive price tag, ranging from RM439 to RM489 depending on the switches.  The Blue, Black and Brown switches cost RM439 respectively and the Red switch cost RM489.  With such a huge price tag for a Taiwanese brand, does it live up to it’s expectations? Yes it does. Why? It is very stable, although a wrist rest would be a better alternative but Ducky Distro as confirmed that all Ducky Keyboards bought in 2012 will receive a free wrist rest. Yay!

Next, apart from stability, the performance of this keyboard is excellent. There are no response delay from this Duck, compared to other brands which some complained about the 1-2 sec delays from the keyboard to the screen. Also, if you connect via PS/2, you are able to get a full KRO (Key Roll-Over) which means that you can press as many keys as you wish , there are no limitations. USB connection however, has limited key presses ranging from 6-9. So the best way to maximize your mechanical keyboard is to connect via PS/2.

I really like the built design of this keyboard. It feels very sturdy and hard. Unlike the 6Gv2, the key caps are not laser printed which can fade after a few months of usage, which is a good thing because people would not like their key caps to fade which makes a living hell for those who are not good with keyboard keys. People always compare between the color of switches, blue, brown, black or red. Honestly there are no best switch. They are all the same except for the feeling and tactile response.

A quick summary of what the switches meant:

1) Black Switches – Hardest among all to avoid accidental key presses. Requires 60g of force. (Steelseries 6Gv2, Steelseries 7G, CM Storm QuickFire Rapid Black)

2) Blue Switches – Most common mechanical switch. Has a clicky sound. Requires 50g of force. (Razer Blackwidow Ultimate, Expert, Filco, Das and Ducky Shine Blue)

3) Brown Switches – Soft switch but with a tactile feedback. Requires 45g of force but may raise up to 60g. (Filco, Ducky 1008 series, Das and Razer Blackwidow Stealth)

4) Red Switches – Rarest and softest switch. Requires 45g of force. (Ducky 9008 Red, CM Storm QuickFire Rapid Red and Corsair K60)


Mechanical keyboards are good investment items. It last longer than conventional rubber-dome keyboards, it can sustain to heavy forces and impact and it is very much softer than rubber domes. People always say that they can use rubber dome keyboards to pwn or own people in game, do alot of typing and never get tired. It is up to individual, not everyone likes to spend money on hardwares. For me, I consider this as an investment, something that I enjoy doing on, I feel more comfortable with mechanical keyboards compared to rubber domes. If you ask me, Ducky Shine 9008 series is a good investment, worth the money spent for. But if you don’t like fancy keyboards, just a plain, simple and durable mechanical keyboard, do get the Steelseries 6Gv2 or 7G.

Rating: 9/10

*NOTE: All prices stated above are RRP. Subject to change from retailers.

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