Roccat KONE XTD Review

Roccat is back. And they mean business. The KONE XTD is the flagship model of the KONE series, has the potential to be one of the best gaming grade mouse in the market with the price tag of RM339, will it justify it’s price tag?


  • 8,200 DPI Pro Aim (R3) LASER sensor
  • OMRON click switch
  • Roccat Easy Shift[+]
  • 32 bit Processor
  • LED Light System
  • 8 mouse buttons
  • 4 Easy clip on weights
  • 572kb On Board Memory
  • TDC (Tracking&Distance control unit)
  • Roccat Talk

To be honest, Roccat was never the first brand that comes to my head whenever I am looking for a gaming mouse. My perception of Roccat is that they manufacture decent and very ‘bling-bling’ peripherals, for example, the KOVA and KAVE. Not to mention, the ever famous Roccat Apuri, which most people know, it is a mouse bungee. For me, I like a simple mouse without blings but packed with punch. And there stood the KONE XTD, upon receiving it, another fancy bling-bling mouse from Roccat.





What you will find in the box?



3) Manuals and warranty booklet


Design wise, the KONE XTD excels. The curved-in sides are designed to provide sufficient grip for people with small or medium hands. Definitely not for big hands as your thumb tends to overshoot the curved placement which appears to be pretty useless as you won’t be making use of the ‘grip’. Unfortunately, I have large hands.




The XTD in action. I admit, the light is very beautiful. It provides glimpse of ‘light display’ every few seconds, pretty much like LED light shows that you see outside. The lights are very entertaining and works perfectly in the dark. At least you know where your mouse is when you are engaged in a late-night sneaky frag sessions.


Side by side comparison with my trusty Deathadder. Almost similarly designed.


Non Gold Plated USB port? I don’t mind, seriously. No proof that Gold Plated ports performs better than non-Gold ports. So yeah.


Braided cable. Plus point there, seems like an industry standard to include braided cables in every gaming mouse now. Braided cables are a plus point to any gaming mouse out there, less messy, more flexible and more durable.



Class 1 laser sensor. I kid you not. Performs like a beast! Just make sure you have the right mousepad to go with it.


The weight slot. Twist to open. This is where you put in the weights (optional).




The design of the weightbox is brilliant. Looks like a military ammo case. Contains 4 units of 5g weights totaling 20g if added together.



Weights locked and loaded. Extra 20g in there. Heavy stuff indeed.

The weights are purely optional. For those who find the mouse a little light, they can choose the adequate weight for their preference. For me, I chose to opt out the weights. The weight of the XTD is prefect, any heavier will result in heavier drag and almost impossible lifting. Lifting is important for FPS gamers as most of them play with lower DPI.


The interesting 4 directional scroll wheel. Yup, fully functional in all 4 directions for those who likes to customize their mouse. I only use it for adjusting my volume, high and low thou. Note the + – buttons above the the scroll wheel, that is the DPI customizer button. Choose your desired DPI with the Roccat Software Driver, able to store up to 4 profiles.

Personal Opinion:

Higher DPI does not necessarily mean that it is better. I stuck with my usual 1,800 DPI, a cult of habit to set every mouse that way. I personally believe that any DPI above 6400 are meant for dual monitors. Don’t tell me that you will use 8,200 DPI to play FPS.

After 3 continuous hours of Battlefield 3, my hands felt good. No cramps or sore, however I would prefer if the mouse is designed slightly longer than its current form, I have big hands! A big kudos to Roccat for choosing OMRON’s switch, the clicks felt good, even with several rigorous clicking, it felt sturdy and firm, performing how every high performance mouse should perform. Another plus point of the XTD is the on-the-fly setting. You can use the mouse with any computer without the software and it operates just fine. LAN Competition would be a breeze for those who likes to participate in tournaments. The software works like a charm too. Although the XTD does not have an indicator to indicate which DPI profile you are using, it has it’s own way to telling you. Yup, telling. The voice feedback will tell you which profile you’ve selected, even works for volume controls. So effective that you don’t have to look at it to change a profile while in game.


One of the best software available. Fully customizable!

Likes (Pro’s)

  • On the fly setting
  • Ability to customize your own DPI at any value
  • Voice feedback
  • Fancy LED lights
  • Good sensor, reads and tracks well
  • Comfortable
  • Customizable. Function buttons can be customized
  • Braided cable
  • Excellent Software

Dislike (Con’s)

  • Not Mac (OSX) compatible. (Not everyone has Windows)
  • Badly positioned thumb grip

So does the KONE XTD justify its RM339 price tag? Yes. The XTD is comparable to every high end gaming mouse that is available in the market. It performs brilliantly and even after several hours of usage, the mouse felt good and comfortable. The built quality is worth crediting for. Solid and firm. All round performer.

To those looking for a value-for-money high end mouse, the Roccat KONE XTD is worth considering. Roccat is back in business!

Rating: 8.5/10

Special Thanks to Heavy Arm for providing the opportunity for me to review the mouse.

Roccat is distributed by Play Interactive. The Roccat Kone XTD is available from Heavy Arm’s retail store @ SS15 Subang Jaya or alternatively;

Look out for Heavy Arm here :

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