I have tested a wide range of mice over the years and have then concluded my top 10 mouse of all-time (effective May 2013). #1 would be the best overall performance while #10 will be the lowest of the scale. Note: These are based on personal opinions, no pun intended.


Andrew’s Top 10 mouse of all time (mid 2013):

1) Steelseries Sensei 

2) Steelseries Ikari Laser

3) Razer DeathAdder (Refresh/Black Edition)

4) Steelseries Xai

5) Roccat KONE XTD

6) Logitech G700

7) Razer Krait

8) Steelseries Sensei RAW

9) Logitech MX518

10) Razer Abyssus Mirror Edition (Standard)

One particular mouse, the Steelseries Kana did not make it to the top 10 list even though it has a price stage of RM199, it does not fit to be in the top 20 list should I compile another in future. The Kana is the worst underperforming and overpriced mouse Steelseries ever produced. The sensor is horrible, the grip is uncomfortable, the click switch is TTC based, and the first batch of Kana came with a plastic hard feet which Steelseries then provided TEFLON feets as replacements. What the heck? Customers paid RM199 for a mouse that does not come with TEFLON feet? 

Then again, the comparison above are based on my personal opinions. But the worthy winner no doubt goes to the Sensei, best sensor, best grip, best weight distribution, only flaw is the peeling metal coating after a few months of usage, otherwise it will collect a full 10/10. 

Cheers 🙂

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