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Steelseries Sensei

Aloha! Recently, Steelseries launched their latest product which is a gaming mouse, called the Sensei which means Master in Japanese. The Sensei was released to replace the legendary Xai mouse which was highly acclaimed towards the gaming community, received almost perfect reviews. So will the Sensei live up to it’s expectations of being the successor of the Xai?

My answer would be Yes. I am not bias because I own both Xai and Sensei respectively. I collected my Sensei from Moderno.PC one day before the official launch date, I was lucky.  The Sensei is powered by a 32-bit ARM processor which allows you to double your Count-Per Inch (CPI) sensitivity from 5701 to 11,400 CPI.  Moreover, it was fitted with technologies such as the Steelseries FreeMove,  ExactAim, ExactTech, ExactLift, ExactAccel,  and ExactSens. In conjunction with the launch of the Steelseries Sensei, Play Interactive (PI) , the official distro for Steelseries gave away a Limited Edition QCK mousepad and a Lanyard. I received the Starcaft Marine Edition from them. The first thing that came to my mind was the size of the box, there is a flap which you can open,which looks abit like this:

The bundle from Moderno PC.

The standard contents includes :

1) Steelseries Sensei

2) Booklet

3) Product Catalog

4) Steelseries Sticker

5) Proof of Purchase


Upon testing, I realized the mouse was  heavier than the Xai, the switches are harder to click which makes it firmer, the scroll wheel is also very firm. But what I noticed the most was the edges around the click buttons, the Xai edges are sharp because it was made of thin plastic with rubber coating whereas the Sensei, they made it thicker in which it’s glossy finish made it safer and no more pointy sharp edges. Next, the metal surface is much smoother, not so easily scratched like the Xai. The Xai was covered with rubber coating which made it scratch-me material, the Sensei however changed the whole statement.

In game testing :

I tested the Steelseries Sensei with both Counter Strike: 1.6 and Sudden Attack, both FPS games. I was really impressed with the performance of the Sensei, providing accurate judgments, especially when it comes to Sniping as I am a sniper, the Drag movement of the mouse was stunning. The lift distance however, needed time to be used to. There is a function called ExactLift which allows gamer to determine their lift distance for turning etc, also depending on the mousepad surface.

Overall bings :

The Sensei was build to destroy all other competitors in the gaming mouse market. Added Bing effects such as the customized LED light effects, Create your own BitMap image for the  LCD screen under the mouse, setting Macro keys for your game, it has everything a gamer wants in a mouse, purely brilliant.

However, the only thing that I am not really satisfied, the Steelseries Engine driver. It is rather complicated compared to the Xai’s driver. Other than that, it’s still a great mouse.

My verdict : 9/10

Value for money : 8/10

Built Quality : 10/10


Never Say Never

Surprise! Of all movies being shown in the theater, I chose to watch Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never. Well, it was my idea to watch the movie, I wasn’t forced to either. Although I was supposed to be part of the Anti-Bieber ally, I chose to watch with an open thought, after all, it was all for fun.

The movie started off well, showing clips from his epic concert in Madison Square Garden (MSG) which apparently was labeled as the ‘Theater of Legends’ by the Americans as most musicians whom performed there with a sold out venue were AC/DC, The Rolling Stones Michael Jackson etc. Well Bieber took his shot, sold out the entire theater in the space of only 22 minutes. Stunning huh?

The movie also showed how Justin Bieber, who was born in a small town of Canada, at the age of 2, a natural musician with music beats inside his head already. This boy is really talented. Hats off to his determination and passion. One thing that amazed me was his heart. Although he already gained international stardom, his heart is gold! This boy here gave free tickets of his concert to families, orphanages and also people who deserved to be in his concert. Although he is a little childish at times ( blame the fact that he’s 16 years old) , this boy here is talented.

After the movie, I am no longer an Anti-Bieber ally. I don’t see any reason why I should hate him. Okay maybe his voice is a little annoying, but you cannot deny the fact that he is talented and also lucky . I believe Justin Bieber will be up there for a long long time, thanks to his hardcore tween fans. Psycho!

Movie Rating : 8/10

Windows Phone Mobile 7 review

The Review of the new era of Microsoft’s Mobile platform , Windows Mobile7 aka WM7.

WM7 was released somewhere in 2010. I got my hands on the HTC 7 Trophy which is running on the WM7 platform as the Operating System. I took a gamble to try out a new OS as i chose it over the BlackBerry’s OS6, iPhone’s iOS, Android and Nokia’s Symbian.

I was told that WM7 contains alot of bugs and issues which diverted people’s attention away from it. Although i agree with those highlighted issues, I realized that the good side overshadowed the bad side of the WM7.

Now for the Point form review.

Windows Mobile Phone 7 :

Advantages (Pro’s) :

  • Amazing UI graphics.  Home screen simple and tidy, menus clear and detailed.
  • Responsive. 1GHz Processor was pushed to the limit, no lag issues occurred.
  • Facebook Sync. SIM contacts and Facebook contacts will appear under the People section thus making search for contacts easier.
  • Marketplace. Neat and tidy compared to Apple’s AppStore.
  • Games. High resolution games. HD graphics can beat most mobile gaming peripherals (PSP , Nintendo)
  • Calender very useful. Works as a planner for me.
  • HTC Hub (For HTC only).

Disadvantages (Con’s) :

  • No custom ringtone. One of the highlight of the WM7 is the default ring tones provided which are limited. You are not allowed to choose your own music as a ring tone. (Shall be fixed soon)
  • Slow Over The Air update. Phrase out slowly to limited users only. Lengthy.
  • No history for Short Messages (SMS) eg : Drafts.
  • Battery life. High graphics consumed battery faster.
  • Small keyboard. Although the screen is huge, the keyboard sees smaller than iOS’s.

Conclusion :

Worth trying. I loved the graphic layout and the UI is amazing. Microsoft did a good job with the WM7. Don’t worry , over the next few updates, we will see the WM7 improving soon. Looking forward to the next update.