Asking Alexandria Full Set Live #2 in HD

It’s a pretty lengthy video but entertaining in the process. I noticed Danny’s vocals changes from time to time, lacking consistency although he is very talented, he does the clean, rough and scream vocals. Very impressive. 8/10 for this performance.



You’ll never really find those perfect words.
Something more than just “Goodbye.”

It’s hard to remember the good times when there’s just so much heartache,
but they deserve more than that.
They deserve more than just one single moment of sadness.

So just remember that when there’s enough love in our hearts
It burns like a supernova
And there sure is enough love in our heart to smile that famous smile.

We all lose someone at some point in our lives,
but don’t ever let go of that smile.

Hold on forever. Because that’s our final dedication

JAYS Earphones

Been scouting the market lately for a new pair of earphones (in-ear) and I am considering JAYS a-Jays series. What caught my eye was the beautifully constructed design of the earpiece, been reading the reviews and not surprising that it came out tops in various reviews online.

The a-Jays line consist of One, Two, Three and Four. Of course One will be the most basic one, Four would be the most prestigious and expensive one. The one that I am looking at is the  a-Jays Two, no thanks to my limited budget because I just invested 200 bucks on my beloved MU Jersey directly from the UK.

The a-Jays Two looks like this :



The a-Jays series in boxes :


The prestigious a-Jays Four :



The a-Jays Four was build for Apple’s iDevices such as iPod, iPhone and iPad etc. It comes with an integrated volume control too.


Pricing (RM) :

RM199 A-JAYS One
RM229 A-JAYS Two
RM299 A-JAYS Three
RM340 A-JAYS Four

Escape to Food Heaven

Last week my family and I headed to Penang Island, Malaysia together with an aunt for a few days of exposure to both hawker and street food paradise in the island of Penang.

We traveled by car, a total of 5 hours of road driving plus plenty of stops (toilet break and food break etc) which sums up the length journey instead of the usual 4 hours average destination time. As usual, we will always stop by the city of Ipoh, main town of Perak for breakfast, cheap and delicious all together. However, one thing i noticed about Ipoh is the parking system management. Still using the same old coupon book (for scratching) instead of the parking ticket machines which can be found here in Kuala Lumpur. But honestly, the food here is way better than those back home.

My breakfast, Chee Cheong Fun served with cool Iced White Coffee.

Meanwhile i took the opportunity to replace the battery of my watch since there is a watchshop along the road. The battery cost me RM18 which I found was a pretty good bargain because I remember asking a shop in my area, they said it will cost RM 25 for the battery. So much for profit eh?

We chose The Gurney as our hotel because it’s like our second home already, every year when we visit Penang, The Gurney will always be our main choice. Located around Gurney drive, facing the deep blue ocean of Penang, a beautiful sight especially at night. Also, the walk along Gurney, called Gurney Drive was probably the best place to enjoy the magnificent scenery , food stalls located everywhere, and cars (I saw a Lamborghini Gallardo flew past me that day).

Also, we went up to Penang hill by a tram. 700 Meters above sea level baby! Well i loved the fact that the tram move in a slow manner which was pretty safe because the mountain was very steep and the view down was horrendous! One track one, one way in and one way out. In conclusion, going down part was the best of all. Looking at the tracks as you glide down the mountain was breathtaking. Honestly, for the first time, my height phobia did not appear at all. Lucky me 🙂 Penang Hill was amazing! Never thought that it would be a mini town by itself. The air was breezy and lots of flora and fauna. Can live longer there.

One thing that stuck me is that Penangties loves BMW 5 series, especially 523i, Mercedes C200 and Porsche Cayanne. You can see either cars on every street, roads and even highway. Such a common sight that you don’t see often here in KL. One thing for sure, Penangties love fast cars. But they got bad driving ethics, I don’t mean to be critical but honestly, I am not used to their style of driving, cutting queues, change lanes without signaling, inpatient etc. I will probably go insane.

All in all, the trip to Penang was enjoyable and I had a whale of a time, something to take my mind of college. Hopefully can return again next year. Some photos to conclude my post.

Moral Group Assignment

Moral Issue : Bullying.

Video was taken in Taylors University Lakeside Campus in the space of 1 month. A total of 7 hours was taken to make this video watchable. I would like to thank my group members, Lee Rock, Yung Hoe, Keng Kiat and Eugene Tan for making this video a blast. Although we suck at acting, we can still make a decent video. Hopefully our marks will be alright too 😀

My best effort with Sony Vegas. I am not a good video editor, just trying my luck. Chose not to use Movie Maker because it is too simple and dull. Something special with SV10. Hope you enjoyed the video 🙂

Hitchin’a Ride

Had the wildest car ride in this 19 years of my living life. After our Organizational Behavior class , my group and I decided to head over to Mentari’s Domino Pizza for lunch. The initial plan was to drive 2 cars there, Xiang agreed to send us there even though he already had his lunch, we found out that he drove a Mitsubishi Triton , which by the way is a 4 wheeler pick up truck/car. So we decided to cramp at least 9 people into the Triton, 5 in the front, 4 behind. Well initially sitting behind was fun, windy but the heat was unbearable. Pretty fun actually, especially when we get stares from the public.

So Xiang decided to ‘parade’ us in front of the entire Taylors. He then drove around the commercial block sounding his horn and guess what? All eyes were fixed on us, dearie me. Such attention seeking move and we had to hide our dear faces. The journey to Mentari wasn’t that long, but someone decided to parade us again, this time in the Sunway Pyramid’s bustop. Thank god there is no crowd there.Embarrassing.

Fun but dangerous, always on the look out for cops. Especially when it comes to speed bumps, one good experience. Would love to try it again, minus the sun.


One Costly Meal

Lunch as usual, this time with a bunch of course-mates together for a meal of Bak Kut Teh (BKT) in my area, SS14 Subang Jaya. The shop is actually my usual BKT shop as I think that this one is the best among the entire BKT row of SS14, it’s called Yu Kee. 

Called a bowl of BKT soup for 4 heads and dry BKT for 8 Heads. Insanity but yeah, there is only 10 of us. Over ordered but at least more is better than less. Best part, almost everyone ended up calling 2 rounds of rice, guess it was good. Hehe brownie points for me 🙂

And lastly, our marvelous bill.  Tadaaa!

Cheers 🙂