So typical Malaysian attitude.  Took this picture in a temple somewhere in Kuala Lumpur. This woman apparently asked her daughters to stand with her to book (hog) a parking lot for her husband to park. Those cars ahead of her husbands were pretty pissed off as they had no choice but to divert to other parking lot. Typical Malaysian attitude? Sad but true.




According to Taylors University’s Facebook page, parking fees will commence in June 2011 which will cost RM 3 per day in certain zones ( Zone H and Basement) . Something just struck my head .

  1. The Student Council should be responsible for this. So my question to them is, will you make our carpark a better place after the fee structure? Well , I dont mind paying RM 3 per day as long as I get a good road(Tar) , a sense of security and also a parking lot without going around in circles.
  2. The fee also works as a purpose to discourage students from driving to campus hence public transport are employed to reduce to number of vehicles entering the campus.
  3. Fix the damn road!

I understand people are complaining about the fee structure as they feel that they paid a  bomb for the tuition fees already and yet they need to fork out money for a parking slot. Hello, how about Monash University? Their tuition fees cost more than Taylors and yet they still charge for parking. Same concept here, it’s because the campus has limited land areas therefore they cannot accommodate the rising amount of cars driven by students and lecturers. The only way to reduce this is to enforce the parking payment system.

However, if you charge us for parking, make sure the road is tire friendly and give us an organized parking structure. I wont pay for a parking that requires me to drive into a mud and a pavement filled with stones. Hopefully my voice is heard.


Windows Phone Mobile 7 review

The Review of the new era of Microsoft’s Mobile platform , Windows Mobile7 aka WM7.

WM7 was released somewhere in 2010. I got my hands on the HTC 7 Trophy which is running on the WM7 platform as the Operating System. I took a gamble to try out a new OS as i chose it over the BlackBerry’s OS6, iPhone’s iOS, Android and Nokia’s Symbian.

I was told that WM7 contains alot of bugs and issues which diverted people’s attention away from it. Although i agree with those highlighted issues, I realized that the good side overshadowed the bad side of the WM7.

Now for the Point form review.

Windows Mobile Phone 7 :

Advantages (Pro’s) :

  • Amazing UI graphics.  Home screen simple and tidy, menus clear and detailed.
  • Responsive. 1GHz Processor was pushed to the limit, no lag issues occurred.
  • Facebook Sync. SIM contacts and Facebook contacts will appear under the People section thus making search for contacts easier.
  • Marketplace. Neat and tidy compared to Apple’s AppStore.
  • Games. High resolution games. HD graphics can beat most mobile gaming peripherals (PSP , Nintendo)
  • Calender very useful. Works as a planner for me.
  • HTC Hub (For HTC only).

Disadvantages (Con’s) :

  • No custom ringtone. One of the highlight of the WM7 is the default ring tones provided which are limited. You are not allowed to choose your own music as a ring tone. (Shall be fixed soon)
  • Slow Over The Air update. Phrase out slowly to limited users only. Lengthy.
  • No history for Short Messages (SMS) eg : Drafts.
  • Battery life. High graphics consumed battery faster.
  • Small keyboard. Although the screen is huge, the keyboard sees smaller than iOS’s.

Conclusion :

Worth trying. I loved the graphic layout and the UI is amazing. Microsoft did a good job with the WM7. Don’t worry , over the next few updates, we will see the WM7 improving soon. Looking forward to the next update.